Startup Consulting & Execution

I have worked with startups for around 10-11 years. Since the start of Starizer, I have focused more and more on startups at pre-seed and seed (B2C and B2B), bar old clients.

So, if you want to work together, be it consultation, need someone to get in the trenches for a few months, or one-off projects, then I am open to having a chat.
I don’t work with startups in the social media space.
I don’t charge early stage startups what I charge latter stage startups, and investors.

Professional Experience

My primary domain is full funnel, so marketing / sales / customer success, although as Startizer shows I have secondary domains.
Marketing experience around 24 years.
Startup Consultant & Execution: 10-11 years.
Portfolio support for family office and VC firms via Ikaros Ventures where I am the Managing Partner.
An advisor at Rouge Ventures.
Partner in a SaaS, 2.5 years old – Kudurru Stone (project management for land surveyors)
VC scout for a few firms: HR-Tech, work-related startups, sustainability and impact innovation. Global, Pre-Seed, Seed & Series A only.
I own and operate Light Within Productions – video explainer production.
A few failures here and there, par for the course.


“Ace has aided some of our portfolio companies as and when required. Business development, due diligence, market assessments, go-to-market strategy and opening new sales channels to name some of the services. Ace is dependable, hard-working and my startup guy in South East Asia. Which is why I brought him on as an advisor.”

Desmond Marshall

Rouge Ventures
Desmond Marshall – Managing Director Transparency: Desmond is a business partner of mine in another venture.

“We are a P2P software provider, our B2B SAAS solution is often seen as very niche so we often struggle to get our message across as to what it is that we do and how it can be of benefit. As a result of this we have found that generating new leads can be challenging and the sales cycle are very long. When we spoke with Ace, he gave us an “outsider” perspective of where we are, what we were doing well and more importantly where we are going wrong and where he can help.

Ace’s approach was different, unlike so many others who promised us leads, he took a different approach, assessing and building up his own knowledge from audits of the market, our competitors, our clients and from chats with our team. He took on-board lead evaluation criteria to update various stages of our funnel, to increase qualified leads and reduce leaks. We saw Ace as an extension of our team and he kept us very much in the loop with the work he was carrying out, as well as a weekly call we felt like it was a real team effort.

We’ve worked with Ace for many years now, from video explainer production, to a full marketing / sales overhaul. He is fun, smart and creative, a pleasure to work with. He even keeps an eye out for us long after the project has finished. We look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him.”


"I have used Ace’s services when it comes to reviewing our pitch decks, investor support material, and investor relations, which has helped us tremendously. I am a highly experienced marketer and business development professional myself, and a serial founder, but I’ll still touch base with Ace to review our marketing material. His insight, no holds barred feedback, and general demeanor means it is always a pleasure and well worth my time to get his opinion."

Dr. Anthony Close

Please Note

I do not sign standard NDA’s nor standard Non-Compete agreements that prevent me from working with other startups in the same niche or domain indefinitely. A modified version (below) covers not releasing information that could potentially help a rival. I do not share your data, nor use such things for marketing purposes. I will not work with another startup in the same domain, stage and region for a period of time. Duration to be determined. For the entities that for one reason or another an NDA was not signed; it doesn’t matter to me if we sign it or not, I stick to it. Of course where clients have requested complete confidentiality, as in don’t reveal the things mentioned below, that is strictly adhered to.

Contractor acknowledges that he may be furnished or may otherwise receive or have access to information which relates to the Client’s past, present or future products, vendor lists, customer lists, user lists, business model, business strategies, pricing strategies, marketing and sales strategies, benchmarks, metrics, measurements, milestones, creative works, pending projects / proposals, and other proprietary information which gives the Client an opportunity to acquire an advantage over its competitors who do not know or use it (the “Proprietary Information”). Contractor agrees to preserve and protect the confidentiality of the Proprietary Information and all physical forms thereof, whether disclosed to Contractor before this Agreement is signed or afterward. In addition, Contractor shall not disclose or disseminate the Proprietary Information to any third party and shall not use the Proprietary Information for the benefit of any third party.