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Startup Incubation System

Guiding Detail-Oriented Founders To Rigorously Obtain Validated Data

While Automatically Generating Marketing & Sales Collateral

A Robust Approach To Starting A Tech Startup

A Desktop Based App To Aid Your Initial Steps

Understand Who & What You're Building For

From your initial idea onward, you’ll be requested to submit information into the system. The information will be key contextual and granular data points, to promote a better understanding of the problem, the early adopters, and the market.

Increase The Credibility In Your Decisions

The info you submit is collated and processed in various ways. The resultant data will highlight: strong signals, degree of internal consistency, and underlying themes, so you make decisions with greater confidence and a heightened sense of legitimacy.

Some Marketing Collateral Done For You

By consolidating validated results in one place, Startizer can automatically generate some of your marketing and sales collateral, so you get a helping hand when it comes to traction.

Jump-Start Focused Traction & Retention

Focus on your early adopters, and build with them. Involve them in the process as soon as possible, and learn what you need to place in your funnel, starting from the bottom-up, and not top-down.

The Anatomy Of Startizer

Robust Inbuilt Experiments So You Can Get Down To Experimenting

Startup Process

The Startup Process

A structured approach means you can stop wondering how, when, why, and what, you need to do. Instead of wasting time on irrelevant tasks, you’ll focus on moving the right needles at the right time.

Build To Address The Problem, The Audience, & Market Expectations.

Startup System

The Startup System

Increase value and usability from the validated data you acquire, by having it automatically placed in related processes. Cut down on the confusion in the creation of collateral you need for traction.

Automatic Marketing Collateral That Resonates And Promotes Traction.

Startizer Tech Startup System

The Startizer System

Further sub-systems to increase management, organization and usage of validated data, and of your time. That means less time on making a plan, and more on executing the plan.

Reducing Your Startup Management Stack To Just One Tool.

Yes, Things Are Chaotic & Messy

However, You'll Be Organized, precise and methodical

Stop procastinating, looking out of the window, wasting time because you don't know what to do. Stop collecting unnecessary information, nor drown in a deluge of data. Obtain the required information, at the required level of granularity, at every step.

MVP v2:Featuring 8 Steps

Idea Breakdown

1 - Structured Idea Breakdown

The elements of your idea must be defined so you can systematically isolate and assess the various assumptions within them.

Problem Research

2 - Focused Problem Research

Dig into the problem and get solid hypotheses. There may be enough information online to invalidate a problem, this isn’t 2009.

Assess Market

3 - Assess Market Conditions

Assess the market and find out if conditions are suitable to enable the entry, sustainability, and growth of a new solution, or not.

Define Early Adopters

4 - Clearly Define Early Adopters

Your general market isn’t ready for you, nor are you ready for them. Learn from, and build for, the ones who’ll give you a chance.

Audience Outreach

5 - Track Audience Outreach

Track those you reach out to and interact with, and monitor how you progress with them. Store the messages you use and note the efficacy of each message

Audience Interview

6 - Interview Questions Ready-To-Go

Obtain the necessary information in both quantitative and qualitative methods. Easily code the qualitative information so underlying themes visibly stand out.

Interview Results

7 - Increase Credibility In Your Decisions

Assess the interview results and qualitative themes in an easy to digest manner. Gain a greater sense of credibility in regards to if the problem is validated or not.

Prolife Persona

8 - Generate Profiles & Personas

Generate ideal client profiles, and customer persona’s based on the strongest signals from the interviews. You’ll know who to target and build for.

Benefits Of The Startizer System

Step Forward With More Confidence You're Heading In The Right Direction


You start at the foundations and move forward in a structured manner, so you progressively build on what you learn. Incomplete information can hinder your ability to associate, understand, retain and internalize.

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Information from numerous places like including publications, reports, founders, investors, etc that have shone a light on startup failures. The process takes into account recommended practices, my work-experience, and the many pitfalls a startup must address.


Acquire only relevant information at each step, to reduce wasted time and focus. Look at things from many angles, focus on the right details, and assess for internal consistency. The decisions you make based on the results will have a greater degree of legitimacy.

Interview Results
Generate Persona


The system will use validated data and the structured information you submit, to generate various forms of marketing and sales collateral, giving you a jump-start. MVP v2 only generates ideal client profiles and customer personas.


Nice One Guys

One of the most robust startup systems I have ever come across. Ace has truly put his heart and soul into this project over the last 5 years. If you’re getting ready or beginning a startup – you need to check this out. It’s a turnkey end to end system, that covers what to do the moment you have a startup idea. There is a lot of fluff-filled, inspirational content that doesn’t cover how to do things. This does.

Dr. Anthony Close

If you’re looking for a checklist or quick startup tips, you’re in the wrong place. Startizer is an end to end system that helps you identify the nuances of your idea, identify the best market segments, and get your first customers. I used it to gain clarity into our market and define everything from messaging to feature prioritization. After using it, you’ll never go back to the “standard” startup advice.

Daniel Ndukwu
Daniel Ndukwu – Founder / CEO
Transparency: Daniel is a partner of mine in another venture

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