Detailed Step By Step System Guiding First-Time Founders, From Idea To Launch & Early Traction


Detailed Step By Step System Guiding First-Time Founders, From Idea To Launch & Early Traction

A Robust Tech Startup System

Beyond The Guides, The Canvases, The Frameworks And Whatever Else

There are a few holistic resources that cover idea to launch, although upon closer inspection they are gateway collateral into an ecosystem of videos, courses, workshops, worksheets, etc. Collectively, you can call it a system. But is it a truly interconnected system?

Where Do You Keep Notes, Information, Sources, Validated Results, Etc?

Online and offline drives, documents, and spreadsheets; to-do apps, project management apps, wiki’s, the list is long. You may even be using multiple SaaS solutions, incompatible pieces stitched together, FrankenSaaStein if you will. But your data is scattered, spread out, some here, some there.

Unconnected Dots - Siloed Data

You have data that is not being utilised to it’s full potential. The maximum value from your data is not being obtained. Your job is more difficult and inefficient partly due to this.

What Data? When And How To Obtain It? How To Use It? Where Else Will It Be Used? What Will It be Combined With? What Are The Subsequent Outcomes?

The Startizer Tech Startup System

The Composition Of Startizer

The Startup Process

A comprehensive step-by-step process that guides you from the initial spark on-wards. You can stop wondering, what to do now, how, why, or when, for the path is laid out for you.

The Startup System

Increase value and usability from validated data you acquire, by having it automatically placed in related processes. You won’t need to figure out where and how to use it.

The Startizer System

Further sub-systems to provide a holistic guide, benchmarking capabilities, and increased usage of validated data. For you that means fewer external tools and more clarity.

MVP v2 (PC Only): Download Free

Desktop Based App Featuring 8 Steps

1 - Structured Idea Breakdown

Structure your idea so that it can be broken down into its elemental composition: Problem, Solution, Goal, Benefit.

2 - Thorough Problem Research

Get a multifactorial appreciation of the problem. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by just focusing on the problem’s intensity.

3 - Audit Market Landscape 1

Assess the market and find out if conditions are conducive to enable the entry, and growth of a new solution.

4 - Define Your Early Adopters

Clearly define not only your market, but your early adopters. Far too many startups waste time going after their general market.

5 - Track Audience Outreach

Track those you reach out to and interact with, as you get them to hopefully be interviewed. Store the messages you used, and note the efficacy of each message

6 - Interview Questions Ready-To-Go

You’ll know what information you need to obtain, which will be both quantitative and qualitative, and thorough. Code the qualitative information so you can focus on underlying themes.

7 - Clearly Assess Interview Results

Peruse the interview results in an easy to digest manner, with various accompanying statistics to foster a greater sense of credibility in any decisions you make.

8 - Generate Ideal Client Profiles & Personas

Information from the interviews is then used to generate various ideal client profiles, and customer persona’s based on the strongest signals present in the data.

Benefits Of The Tech Startup System

A Structured Holistic Approach To Starting A Startup


You start at the foundations so you can progressively build on what you learn. Incomplete information can hinder your ability to associate, understand, retain and internalise.


Focus on obtaining relevant information at each step, to reduce wasted time and focus. Granular and contextual to instill a sense of legitimacy in your decision, to continue or not.


Information from places like CB Insights, Startup Genome Report, Failory, Startup Graveyard, etc. The process takes into account recommended practices, and the many pitfalls a startup must address.


The system will use validated data and the structured information you submit, to generate various forms of marketing and sales collateral, giving you a jump-start. MVP v2 only generates ideal client profiles and customer personas.


Nice One Guys

“One of the most robust startup systems I have ever come across. Ace has truly put his heart and soul into this project over the last 5 years. If you’re getting ready or beginning a startup – you need to check this out. It’s a turnkey end to end system, that covers what needs to be done from the moment you have a startup idea. There is a lot of fluff filled, inspirational content that doesn’t cover how to do things. This covers it.”

“If you’re looking for a checklist or quick startup tips, you’re in the wrong place. Startizer is an end to end system that helps you identify the nuances of your idea, identify the best market segments, and get your first customers. I used it to gain clarity into our market and define everything from messaging to feature prioritization. After using it, you’ll never go back to the “standard” startup advice.”

Transparency: Daniel is a partner of mine in another venture

“Thanks to applying the various principles prevalent within this current problem-solution paradigm, I have come to a ground breaking innovative discovery. I am thrilled to announce to the world, the Law Of Universal Hard-Hat.”

Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist

“Plans, methodology, systems, the futile machinations of mortals in the face of inevitable destiny. Just wing it. I did.”

Hermes – Greek God

“Yeah, so I know these 3 birds right, and they tell me to get hold of the eye of a newt and the wool of a bat. The rest is history mate.”

Biased Shakespearean Survivor – Not For Long

“I was tricked many times, just like you. I bought snake oil from so many places, never worked. You know why? Cos you didn’t buy it from me. Yes sir, the real deal, bona fide, straight from the serpents fangs, Leviathan oil. I took one sip, mercy mercy me, went to bed, boom, woke up, boom, tried to diffuse a bomb, boom.”

Slippery Steve – Salesman

“Well I used this email, then I used this landing page, and I finished it off by using Midas’s middle finger. More riches than Solomon.”

Mischievous Machiavelli – Marketing

“To drive traffic to a landing page with but 3 lines and a sign-up box, while failing to take into account the multi-faceted validation at play? I applaud the dubiousness of such experiments, indeed I would give an arm and a leg for it.”

Dr. Frankenstein – HAHAHAHAHAhahahahah

“I just faked it till I made it. Now I have Impostor Syndrome.”

I Don’t Know – Who Am I?

“I make it, I scale it, I kill it, I crush it. Piece of cake. Give ‘em your vision, with a hack ‘n’ a slash, with a hustle ‘n’ a bustle, I’m a huff ‘n’ a puff, I’m a toil in a bubble, I’m a churn ‘n’ a burn, I’m in double double trouble, and I blow my house down. Dang.”

Probably Called Chad

Control, Influence, And Prepare For What You Can

And Let The Rest Flow As It Goes

You Have A Startup Idea, Now What?

Now This