About Me & Startizer


I started Startizer 5 years ago, so borderline maniacal obsession.

I threw Lean pretty much out of the window. There was a lot to learn, a lot to experience, and even more lies ahead.

I approached it from both sides, working with founders and investors, as well as taking in the usual suspects: articles, books, videos, etc, etc.

It started by accident really, it wasn’t meant to be a startup, it was meant for my own education and to use when working with startups. It was a collection of notes and templates, based on what I read, experienced and got told.

The thing evolved from those small seeds to a private blueprint to guide founders including me, for when the time came. And it did come, and went.

That startup I stopped at MVP production (18 months ago), as Startizer had taken me over. Or I am Startizer, hard to say. I will be getting Stewart Copeland to sort me out a theme tune.

I made MVP v1, which covered all the steps in Excel, and released a part of it to rapturous acclaim. Tumbleweed rolling all over the place. It was not unexpected, I didn’t follow any of the guidelines nor recommendations. I just needed to hit that milestone of having done it and released it. That was January 2019.

So, 10 months later I finish MVP v2, which this time was not the whole thing. From Excel to Access; I am all about the tech-stack.

Next year 2020, work will start on the web version, MVP v3. ETA 2025 I reckon, haha.

Anyway, like I said before, there is still much to learn, and I am open to working with others, feedback, suggestions, etc.

I myself do have issues with Startizer, but I will address that later.


On a separate note: I work with startups at pre-seed and seed, so, if you want to work together, be it consultation, or need someone to get in the trenches, then I am open to having a chat.

Cheers, Ace.

Personal FAQ

So, you’ve spent 5 Years working on the Startizer System? Yep. I have dependents, responsibilities and commitments, I am no spring chicken. And as mentioned already, a lot to learn.

Should you be talking about Lean? I don’t.

Could you not find a developer to work with you? I didn’t want one, it would have been too early for me, and for Startizer. Furthermore, I dislike how people start running towards developers with any 2-bit idea: drop your paying projects, the ideas in the bag, hard parts over, here let me bestow 2% of equity upon thee, chop chop. Your idea, you run with it, de-risk it how you can.

Must have a lot of passion for it? No. I have seen the passion in the jilted lovers, the divorced couples and the broken homes. So, I leave passion for the Don Juans, the Lotharios, and the Casanovas.

Are you saying this is the one and only true path to launch and success? No, I am not. What I am saying is that this is a more holistic proposition, a more thorough approach, with greater efficiencies, and greater utilisation of validated data and other information collected.

Have you had any success? Define success. Anyway, no I haven’t, quite the opposite.

Then why should I use Startizer? Persuade me. No, I will not attempt to persuade you. That’s bullshit marketing / sales, and not how I work. Persuasion is not the starting point.

So Startizer is not for everybody? Certainly not. I am not attempting to feed the masses, rather I am looking to nourish the few. I can’t start a fire within anybody, but I can fan a flame within those who have it.

Are you using Startizer on itself, on yourself? Yes, some sort of Ouroboros tribute.

I can’t find much about you online, how come? I don’t have the time, inclination nor interest in things I consider not relevant. I’d rather learn, think, and work. However I do think this stance has made things more difficult than it could be.

What if you fail? Depends on what your definition of fail is, but yes, it is a possibility. One that I do not believe will happen.

I don’t believe you. This isn’t a question. It’s obviously your right to believe what you do, and I don’t have a problem with it. Instead of languishing in doubt, I embrace doubt, look for the seeds, then work on those things.

For arguments sake, what if you fail, 5 years is a long time. You fail when you stop, I’m not stopping. Ok, I am still arguing, so win some, lose some.