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The Startizer System

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The Startizer System incorporates the startup process and takes it further.

Other startup guides, frameworks, etc, have you do a task, and store the results wherever. You then do another task, and so on. You may well store the results, the validated data, etc, in one place or many places.

With Startizer, you implement the task, and store the results inside it. Those results are then automatically used in other tasks down-the-line. If you are a first-time founder, then the fact is, you won’t even know how many other places results and validated is used. With Startizer, you don’t need to know, it will do it for you.

Because the various results are centralised, you'll get a helping hand with many things including marketing and sales collateral production, feature-benefit prioritisation, to name but a couple of things.

There are additional systems to aid in planning, organization, predictions, and tracking.

Marketing & Sales Collateral Auto-Generated

Connecting The Steps Beyond Chronology

The structured information you obtain and resultant output, will be pushed down-stream. They will be used to fill out persona's and ideal client profiles. They will be used as inputs to jump-start various forms of collateral. And a whole host of other stuff, so you cut down on wasted time, confusion, and copying charlatans with their c**p-hacks.

Only Persona and Ideal Client Profile Generation is available in MVP v2.

Factual Persona/Profiles

Personas and profiles generated from the strongest signals obtained during audience interviews. You can say goodbye to Fictitious Fred The Financial Fiddler.

Tighter Cultural Fit

No carte blanche removal of market-specific language such as slang and jargon. These and other phrases indicative of culture, are presented for you to include.

Relevant Content

Stop regurgitating onto the content marketing heap. Go deeper with topics focused on your audience’s needs, as well as gaps not addressed by the competition.

Functional Funnels

Content mapped to the funnel for each persona, for each stage. You’ll address objections, reservations, and motivations, to create a tailored funnel designed to convert.


Select or make value propositions by combining relevant information. Benefit – Feature; Benefit – Goal – End Goal; etc, so you can storm out of the writer’s block.

Roadmap Clarity

More value to current customers, drive further market penetration, or further competitive advantages. Your roadmap will highlight what features are needed depending on your objective.

Landing Pages

Structured landing pages for each persona, based on PAS and StoryBrand Frameworks. Increase resonance and relevance to raise conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing templates take undue credit because it is the [blank], that makes or breaks it. Fill in the blanks via a rigorous process, and increase the chances of a positive response.

Lead Magnets

Possible lead magnets that can be used in the funnel. From measuring the problem and pain points, to how your solution addresses them, based on the tangibles they care about.

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Complementary Components Of The Startizer System

Fostering Discipline, Focus & Accountability


A really simple task manager.

Task Manager
Knowledge Base


I still have wikis, knowledge base apps, Word docs, mind maps, flow charts, you know how it is; all containing little bits of knowledge. Again, the one here is about as basic as one can get. I am currently going through those various notes and apps, collecting things in one place. I will share them on the site as articles in the Guide. You can copy the articles from there and paste into MVP v2’s Knowledge Base.


A rudimentary reminder.



I get seriously p*******d off with notes, sources for notes, files, and all of that stuff spread out. Even when I got this s**t together, I know some of the other places this particular piece of information could be used, but it’s not there, and I have to move it to those other places. Seriously annoying.

When I work with startups, inevitably I have to go to that G-Drive folder, the dumping ground under Satan’s a**e, and wade through layers of damnation. Lustful product specifications, gluttonous research, heretical GTM strategies, alright I’ll stop now. Ideally, I wanted this to be linked to the knowledge base, and a different system, but MVP and all that.

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