The Startup Progression Engine

Delivering Far More Than Any Other Solution

Let’s look at a best-case scenario for a first-time founder who wants to go from idea to launch.

You’ve got the best book, canvas, course, video, guru, template, workshop, program, training, and app. Anything I missed? You can put it in there as well.

There is no best? Agreed. Ok, a multitude of books, canvases, etc, etc.

From them, you cobbled a roadmap of what to do and when. And you have had the best day ever.

Every experiment you did, you did thoroughly, and conclusively. Every person you talked to, surveyed, and interviewed, was totally honest. Every piece of data you obtained was the right data to get, at the right time. The conclusions made led to the validation of many things.

So far so good.

That validated data you have. What’s it doing for you?

Nothing. The value in the data is locked in, and you can’t get at it.

No matter what you store the data in or on, you are not using the data to the fullest. You could be using some dedicated startup app, which is nothing more than a glorified note app. Or you could be keeping the data in Google Docs, or some worksheets. Or whatever.

Your validated to-the-max data is doing absolutely nothing. You’re the one who has to figure out where the data can be used down the line. And you are going to have to structure the data and move it to be used in some other process.

With Startizer, your validated data isn’t sitting there twiddling its thumbs. Your validated data is being used in every place it possibly can be.

It’s fed back into the engine and used in various processes down the line. It’s proposing MVPs, benefit-feature prioritization, and roadmaps. It’s creating surveys with the questions you need to ask. It’s shredding days off qualitative data input from interviews. It’s generating emails, reality-based personas, and landing pages that don’t behave like trampolines.

It’s telling you what you need to build for Early Adopters, and if you don't build it for them, but for the Early Majority, it'll recommend the product and Whole Product you need to build.

With Startizer all processes you implement, are done within a system that has feedback loops. These loops facilitate an increase in learning, understanding, and application.

Startizer continuously builds on the things you learn, find, and do. It uses the results you obtain within an overall system and does things for you that you don’t know how to do. Or at least don’t know how to do it properly.

Startizer helps you get and automatically use validated data so you can progress from idea to launch and early traction.

Startizer - The Startup Progression Engine.

Marketing & Sales Collateral Auto-Generated

Making Traction & Growth Easier For You

The structured information you obtain and resultant output, will be pushed down-stream. They will be used to fill out persona's and ideal client profiles. They will be used as inputs to jump-start various forms of collateral. And a whole host of other stuff, so you cut down on wasted time, confusion, and copying charlatans with their c**p-hacks.

Factual Persona/Profiles

Personas and profiles generated from the strongest signals obtained during audience interviews. You can say goodbye to Fred The Fictitious Fraud.

Tighter Cultural Fit

No carte blanche removal of market-specific language such as slang and jargon. These and other phrases indicative of culture, are presented for you to include.

Relevant Content

Stop regurgitating onto the top-of-the-funnel content marketing heap. Go deeper with topics focused on your audience’s needs, as well as gaps not addressed by the competition.

Functional Funnels

Content mapped to the funnel for each persona, for each stage. You’ll address objections, reservations, and motivations, to create a tailored funnel designed to convert.


Select or make value propositions by combining relevant information. Benefit – Feature; Benefit – Goal – End Goal; etc, so you can storm out of the writer’s block.

Roadmap Clarity

More value to current customers, drive further market penetration, or further competitive advantages. Your roadmap will highlight what features are needed depending on your objective.

Landing Pages

Structured landing pages optimized for Early Adopter and Early Majority personas. Increase resonance and relevance to raise conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing templates take undue credit because it is the [blank], that makes or breaks it. Fill in the blanks via a rigorous process, and increase the chances of a positive response.

Lead Magnets

Possible lead magnets that can be used in the funnel. From measuring the problem and pain points, to how your solution addresses them, based on the tangibles they care about.

MVP v2 No Longer Available, MVP v3 Currently Being Developed

Fill Your Business Model Canvas With Facts

And Not Assumptions