The Startup System

Pushing The Round Dots Into The Right Holes

Startizer, the name of the startup system, houses the startup process. The system also incorporates sub-systems that are a combination of non-chronological steps, as well as additional steps to create a holistic startup system.

The system is based on input, process, and output, where the outputs of certain processes are inputs within other processes, be they subsequent processes or down-the-line. It is a holistic system in that, acquired data is used in a multitude of different places, rather than silo-ed in the place of origin.

Further Benefits From The Startizer System

Connecting The Steps Beyond Chronology

Auto-Generated Marketing & Sales Collateral

The structured information you obtain and resultant output, will be pushed down-stream. They will be used as inputs to jump-start various forms of collateral, so you cut down on wasted time and confusion.

Factual Persona / Profiles

Personas and profiles generated from the strongest signals obtained during audience interviews. So you can say goodbye to Fictitious Fred The Financial Fiddler.

Tighter Cultural Fit

No carte blanche removal of market-specific language such as slang and jargon. These and other phrases indicative of culture, are presented for you to include.

Applicable Content

Stop regurgitating onto the content marketing heap. Go deeper with topics focused on your audience’s needs, as well as gaps not addressed by the competition.

Functional Funnels

Content mapped to the funnel for each persona, for each stage. You’ll address objections, reservations, and motivations, to create a tailored funnel designed to convert.


Select or make value propositions by combining relevant information. Benefit – Feature; Benefit – Goal – End Goal; etc, so you can storm out of the writer’s block.

Landing Pages

Structured landing pages for each persona, with a flowing narrative appropriate for that stage. Increase resonance and relevance to raise conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing templates take undue credit because it is the [blank], that makes or breaks it. Fill in the blanks via a rigorous process, and increase the chances of a positive response.

Roadmap Clarity

More value to current customers, drive further market penetration, or further competitive advantages. Your roadmap will highlight what features are needed depending on your objective.

Landing Pages

Possible lead magnets that can be used in the funnel. From measuring the problem and pain points, to how your solution addresses them, based on the tangibles they care about.

All within a system that unifies marketing, sales, and customer success.

Incubate Your Mind

As Well As Your Startup

Do The Things Needed To Build A Startup, And Not Just A Product
Focus Limited Time & Resources On Moving The Right Needles
Cultivate What You Need For the Long-Haul, Moonshot Or Not
Your startup is in part a reflection of your current state of mind. Elevate your state up.

Fill Your Business Model Canvas With Facts

And Not Assumptions